“The fundamental elements of the emblem’s are 2 stars”

  1. Mount Carmel the cradle of Carmelite order in the holy church. It is located in northern Palestine.
  2. The thre stars on the moutain are (two of golden color and one of sliver color)
  3. The lower star which is on the mount represents Mother Mary.
  4. The two silver stars symbolise two great Carmelit prophets. Prophet Eliza and Prophet Elisa.
  5. The burning torch in the hand is the zeal of Prophet Eliza for the truth. The prohet Eliza confounded tha Ball worshipers on Mount Carmel and he defended the true God.
  6. The cross on the moutain represtataions the cross our Lord Jesus Christy carried.

In short the origin of the Carmelite order is Marian devotion and the prophetic zeal for God on mouatain Carmel.


15th August 2019 celebration

15th August 2019 indenpendance day celebration and tree plantation 

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16th July 2019 - Mount Carmel Feast Celebration primary

The  Feast of Mount Carmel was celebrated by the staff and students of the Carmel Convent School. The Function began with a prayyer dance.

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Legal literacy club

These year we have new venture in our school . The legal literacy club was organized by the District court of Junagadh.And they have doneted us a computer and some legal books to give legal awareness to our students.  

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Prayer service 2019

A Prayer service was conducted to invoke God's blessing for the new academic year 2019

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Picnic 2018-2019

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S.S.C AND H.S.C March 2018 Result


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